Earn $$ By Social Networking By Upolad Pictures,Likes,Comnents

Earn 1000 Gold and convert it to $10 CAD. 

Here Is The Method How to Earn

Method 1: Making Posts

You can post different things on this website just like you do in FB but it pays you for every likes you get from other people. Each like will earn you 2 to 8 gold depending on the type of member who likes the post. To see how much you earn per like, check the "Today's Bonus Values" section on the bottom.

Posts That Count For Likes Include...

Videos (From YouTube only)
Blog Posts
MoshBox Song Posts

Method 2: Invite New Members With Your Share Link

This is the fastest way to earn. Share your referral link on your Facebook page or Tweet it to earn 38 to 80 gold coins each time someone joins using your link! You can also post it anywhere on the web or just email it to your friends directly.

Method 3. Boosted Posts

Members can pay to have a post Boosted. To boost a post they offer an amount in gold for your like/dislike and comment on a post. This is the only time you can earn for liking posts. Look for the Boost Notification in the main chat. They will let you know when a post is boosted and how much the booster is paying.


Once you reach 1,000 Gold, you can cash it out via Paypal and that equivalent to $10 CAD.


*)Make sure to activate your account from the email that was sent to you after signing up so you can start using the site. No activation means no earnings.

Understand How You Earn Gold

You do NOT earn gold for liking things. You do earn when other people LIKE what you post. This is why it`s called `Post For Gold`. This means you will have to post things that people will find interesting.

Also you do NOT earn gold when you like your own posts. You only earn gold when other people like something you posted. So if you want to increase your likes the fastest way is to invite your friends to join because you do get gold from likes they give you.

Tip - Use the Facebook Bonus share link you will find it by clicking on the pot of gold at the top of the homepage. This will let your friends know that you want them to join with you.

You can post it on your Facebook page and you can include it at the bottom of your emails. It`s a great way to increase your gold quickly!

Happy Earning Everyone!

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DrizzleSMS is a user friendly messaging app for Android that pays you to text and it is worldwide!

We display a small banner ad at the top of your messaging thread and share the ad revenue with you in the form of Drops. You can turn your Drops into cash, PayPal, or gIft cards!

After a day of using, I already have 1010 drops ($1) and the best part is that it doesn't give you less and less drops after a few days of using it compared to basically every other similar app.

You don't even have to actually message other people and receive messages, the only thing important is to open a conversation for the ad to appear.

Drops will be awarded once or twice a day for all the ads you view. There is no device limit!

1. Any reason to be concerned about the privacy of my text conversations?
Nope! We don't store any of your messages on our backend, and we don't have any plans to in the future. Our backend is also on Parse so you don't have to worry about security there either.
2. Does the ad have to be on the screen for a certain amount of time? Sometimes I'm in and out of my sms app in less than 5 seconds.
If you saw the ad, it counts! As long as you are entering the conversation screens, you should be awarded drops.
3. Since you said we don't actually need to text, do we even need a sim or just data (wifi)? Are you going to be lenient or heavy handed with users who have questionable ad time?
I was always taught the saying "live and let live". As a company, we will be lenient with users who have questionable ad time. We will only act upon users who disable ads or
anger advertising companies. How you want to use your apps should not be determined by us. We only offer well-maintained apps and a way to make money by doing what you already do.

Redeem your drops: Drizzle Rewards
You can redeem your Drops for cash using Square Cash, on PayPal, or for gift cards (Amazon, eBay, Steam and such).

About Drizzle:

"Drizzle is a suite of apps for Android that earns you cash in the form of Drops. You earn Drops by simply using your phone as you would everyday. We show small, non-intrusive banner ads and give you the revenue. The Drops you earn can then be redeemed for real cash or other awesome rewards!

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